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Things to pack for uni

Updated: Aug 1

Going away to uni can feel daunting so the best way to help this is to make you room feel like a home-away-from-home. Bring a rug, your favorite pillows, a throw ornaments and definitely pictures but leave some room because you will soon fill your walls with new pictures from your amazing time at uni.

Here are some other things to pack to help life run smoother

  • Extension lead

  • A plug with multiple shape ports - USB, USBC, SD, Micro SD

  • A really good bike lock - spend a bit more here, thin locks can easily be cut through.

  • Hot water bottle - Good for cuddles. Don't use boiling water though, if it should burst you don't want to get burnt.

  • Post it notes - perfect for brain storming, leaving notes for friends, and doodling.

  • Don't bring your favorite mug, student life can be hectic and you will break several plates, mugs and glasses throughout the year.

  • posters - add some color to your room and they are easy to replace if you feel like changing the mood

  • Clear boxes - keep stuff out of the way and still be able to see everything you need.

  • A door wedge. Sometimes its easy to feel like tucking yourself away especially at the beginning before you know anyone but leave your door open during freshers week and who knows who might pop their head in to say hi and suggest you grab a Starbucks together

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