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WUC CLay Pigeon Shooting Society

Welcome to the Writtle Clay Pigeon Shooting Society. We are one of the longest running societies at the university. 

Everyone is welcome - Never shot before to experienced shot

Corran Parsons.jpg

'Hi everyone, my name is Corran and I'll be your captain for this year's clay pigeon society. 


I have been lucky enough to be involved in shooting for the last 10 years with experience in lots of areas, mainly competitions. I also had the opportunity to compete against current Olympic shooters, which was very exciting. My plan for the next year is to make the society accessible to everyone regardless of experience. As well as making it fun and enjoyable for all attending.

I'd love for us all to contribute ideas and any past experience you have to make this society better

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Contact me:

taster sessions will be available to book towards the begining of September

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