The Launch of re-usable cups at Students’ Union social events

I have successfully launched a new cup deposit scheme for major events at the SU Bar. The scheme aims to reduce single use plastic cups used at events while finding an alternative to glass cups which are unsuitable for these types of events.

As a student, you put a deposit down for a reusable plastic cup on an event night. At the end of the evening, you are then able to return the cup to receive your deposit money back, or you can keep the cup and bring it to the next event.

I am really pleased and excited to have been able to make a real change in regard to sustainability at our events. I hope this is one of many changes that will be made this academic year in order to improve the sustainability around campus.

This significantly reduces the amount of single use plastic cups used on an event night at the student bar. It is estimated that each student would have usually used around five disposable cups a night, creating on average a total of 600 single use plastic cups per event.

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